In the rare case that an incident occurs in the transportation of hazmat by freight rail, railroads and first responders work together closely to safely remedy the situation as soon as possible.

Helping Families in Need

Railroads work with first responders to help families and individuals within an affected community. Railroads provide services for any misplaced families and maintain a presence in the community for as long as necessary to limit any inconvenience or displacement of community members.

Oftentimes railroads will establish specific centers to assess and meet the long term needs of the displaced population. Additionally, railroads have dedicated claims teams to help resolve matters with affected citizens. The rail industry is developing a partnership with the Red Cross to provide additional support to first responders and communities in the rare event of a rail incident.

Adhering to Emergency Response Plans & Regulations

Railroads collaborate with first responders and other authorities and partners to swiftly and effectively carry out their emergency response plans. Railroads comply with applicable state and federal regulations and coordinate remediation efforts through local, state and federal agencies. These regulations include, but are not limited to, how to report and clean up the incident and how to complete an investigation into what caused the incident.

Protecting the Environment

Working with state environmental agencies on any necessary cleanup efforts, railroads mobilize their cleanup contractors to contain spilled material and either remove or remediate spilled material. Remediation can take many different paths depending on what is spilled, and the environmental agencies use their expertise to determine the safest and most effective cleanup solution.