A steadfast focus on safety is deeply ingrained in generations of America’s railroaders.

Training, technology, and time-tested programs and protocols are the cornerstones of the industry’s approach to continuous safety improvement for rail employees. State-of-the-art training centers with simulators and virtual reality enable employees to practice real-life skills in a safe, rigorous and controlled environment. Town halls meetings and peer-to-peer safety programs emphasize the importance of a constructive, collaborative approach to safety.

Recent technological advancements have given railroads powerful tools in their ongoing mission to drive workplace accidents to zero. Positive Train Control, drone-based bridge inspections and remote control locomotives are just some of the many technologies railroads have deployed in recent years to keep employees out of harm’s way while giving them the tools to excel at their jobs.

Thanks to the ongoing efforts of railroads and their employees, the rail industry is one of America’s safest places to work with lower employee injury rates than most other sectors. This includes trucking, airlines, agriculture, manufacturing and construction. The rail employee injury rate in 2020 was at an all-time low.