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Rail Time Indicators

Rail Time Indicators


Rail Time Indicators, a monthly report from the Association of American Railroads, combines rail traffic data with more than 15 key economic indicators (such as consumer confidence, housing starts, and industrial production) in a non-technical snapshot of the U.S. economy.  By assembling this information in a single place, and presenting rail traffic in the context of the broader economy, Rail Time Indicators provides a convenient, clear look at key trends that can reveal where the economy and rail traffic may be going. 

Rail Time Indicators is free of charge to all members of the Association of American Railroads and to railroad members of the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association.  If that applies to you, send an email to Dan Keen ( and we will put you on the distribution list.

For others, beginning with the February 2013 issue, Rail Time Indicators is available by subscription.  There are two options: 

  • $55 per year (12 issues) for the monthly report in pdf form.  Click here to subscribe using this option.
  • $110 per year for the monthly pdf report plus a monthly Excel file containing monthly rail traffic data from January 2008 to the current month by carload commodity category or intermodal service type.  This option provides the data behind most of the rail traffic charts in the report. Click here to subscribe using this option.   

The complete historical dataset (from January 1989 for the U.S. and January 1996 for Canada) is also available for purchase for $625 by clicking here.

Contact Dan Keen ( if you have questions or comments regarding Rail Time Indicators.

 A sample of Rail Time Indicators is below:

December 2012 - Rail Time Indicators (PDF)



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