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 Data Center

The Backbone of the Economy

The Association of American Railroads produces statistics, publications, and information for the U.S. freight railroad industry. The Data Center provides access to interactive charts that display a sample of weekly, monthly, and annual information on freight rail traffic; state-by-state railroad information; and a variety of subscription services and publications for purchase.​

  • Rail Traffic Data
  • Railroads and States

Rail Traffic Data & Resources

The Association of American Railroads (AAR) compi​les and distributes information on North American freight railroads including finances, operations, performance, input cost indexes, traffic, and more. Rail traffic is a useful gauge of the health of the economy and financial information allows stock analysts, economists, government agencies, and academics to analyze the health and efficiency of the railroads. Useful data like these are contained in a variety of AAR statistical products, which are free for AAR members and are available for purchase by non-AAR members through AAR's online cata​log. A sample of weekly, monthly, and annual rail traffic data is available for free within this Data Center​.

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​​Railroads and States

America’s freight railroads deliver for businesses and consumers across an expansive 140,000 mile network in 48 states. Railroads also provide more than 180,000 high-paying jobs and support more than a million more in industries as diverse as manufacturing, agriculture, and technology. The Association of American Railroads produces state-by-state statistics for the U.S. freight railroad industry, including specific information on the number of railroads, miles, employees, and commodity information.

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