• Automated Tech: Scratching the Surface of Tomorrow
    See how new technologies combined with a pro-innovation regulatory framework will ensure America has the safe, sustainable and cost-effective freight network it needs to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world.
  • Freight Railroads: A 24/7  Link in the U.S. Supply Chain
    From stepping up coordination in busy rail hubs to managing the flow of intermodal containers into Chicago, freight railroads are navigating today’s supply chain disruptions to continue delivering for customers.
  • AAR CEO Ian Jefferies on Yahoo! Finance Live
    “Forcing railroads to open up their tracks…to a competing railroad to serve a customer, all that does is undermine the fluidity of the network.” AAR CEO Ian Jefferies said about the Biden administration’s recent executive order on competition, which includes a misguided direction to interfere with functioning freight markets.
  • NUTC Report: Through COVID & Beyond, Freight Rail is Resilient & Essential
    The Northwestern University Transportation Center finds that America’s freight railroads bolstered supply chain resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Despite the particularly volatile period, railroads met consumers’ and businesses’ unexpected surge of demands…highlighting the rail industry’s role as an essential component of the U.S. economy.”

Environmental Impact

Freight Railroads & COVID-19


  • Freight Rail’s Investments Generate Huge Returns for America
    America’s freight rail industry is one of the most efficient transportation networks in the world, fueled by approximately $25 billion annually in private investments to maintain and upgrade the nation’s nearly 140,000-mile rail network.
  • Meeting the Demands of the Digital Age
    By spending billions of dollars in private capital on infrastructure, equipment and technology, freight railroads are helping to solve a national transportation capacity crisis while keeping the economy moving.
  • Jobs, Output & Taxes: Freight Rail’s Economic Impact
    Towson University finds that Class I railroads’ operations and capital investment supported over 1.1 million jobs, $219.5 billion in economic output and $71.3 billion in wages in 2017 alone.

Safety & Technology

Hazmat Safety


What We Haul

  • Delivering a Holiday Season Like No Other

    With online shopping skyrocketing, freight rail worked overtime for ecommerce customers to meet the demands unusual 2020 holiday season.

  • How Intermodal Reinvented Freight Rail
    Making a curbside pickup? Rail intermodal — the transportation of shipping containers and truck trailers by rail — helps make this possible by allowing railroads to provide their customers cost-effective, environmentally friendly service for almost anything that can be loaded into a truck or a container. See how intermodal helped launch the global economy we know today.
  • 6 Milestones of Intermodal Growth
    Explore six changes within the last century that contributed to the safe, reliable and cost-effective intermodal rail network we have today.
  • Trains & Trucks: An Intermodal Partnership
    The partnership of trucks, trains and cargo ships helps make America’s intermodal network the most efficient in the world.
  • Freight Rail: Designed to Drive a Nation
    Freight railroads are part of every production stage of an automobile — from moving raw materials and auto parts to delivering a finished car or truck to dealerships across the nation. With a single train carrying hundreds of cars, freight rail transports nearly 75% of the new cars and light trucks purchased in the U.S.