Freight Railroads & COVID-19


  • Freight Rail’s Investments Generate Huge Returns for America
    America’s freight rail industry is one of the most efficient transportation networks in the world, fueled by an average of $26 billion annually in private investments to maintain and upgrade the nation’s nearly 140,000-mile rail network.
  • Meeting the Demands of the Digital Age
    By spending billions of dollars in private capital on infrastructure, equipment and technology, freight railroads are helping to solve a national transportation capacity crisis while keeping the economy moving.
  • Jobs, Output & Taxes: Freight Rail’s Economic Impact
    Towson University finds that Class I railroads’ operations and capital investment supported over 1.1 million jobs, $219.5 billion in economic output and $71.3 billion in wages in 2017 alone.

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  • Preparing for the Future with Intermodal Freight Rail
    See how railroads help move the goods you rely on by investing into the modernization of their intermodal networks.
  • Freight Rail: Designed to Drive a Nation
    Freight railroads are part of every production stage of an automobile — from moving raw materials and auto parts to delivering a finished car or truck to dealerships across the nation. With a single train carrying hundreds of cars, freight rail transports nearly 75% of the new cars and light trucks purchased in the U.S.