WASHINGTON, D.C. –  November 19, 2020 – Ian Jefferies, president and CEO of the Association of American Railroads (AAR), issued the following statement on the Senate confirmation of Robert Primus and Michelle Schultz as Members to the Surface Transportation Board (STB) – making this the first time since the 2015 reauthorization that the Board will have a full slate of five members.

“The freight rail industry welcomes Michelle Schultz and Robert Primus to their new roles and looks forward to working with them to meet our shared goal of guaranteeing that railroads can deliver for shippers and the U.S. economy. We look forward to robust, transparent discussions with them as they step into their new roles.

“Railroads continue to evolve and nimbly adapt to provide remarkable service to shippers, which will only be possible if the industry can continue to invest for tomorrow. The industry’s resilience is only possible thanks to the balanced regulatory framework that Congress entrusted the Board to maintain. Now more than ever, the wisdom of that decision is crystal clear.”


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