WASHINGTON, D.C. – January 20, 2021 – AAR President and CEO Ian Jefferies issued the following statement congratulating Joseph R. Biden and Kamala Harris on their inauguration.

“Congratulations to President Biden and Vice President Harris. Our new President and Vice President enter office with numerous complex challenges to address, with none more immediate than leading the country out of the devastating COVID-19 pandemic and enacting policies to enable full economic recovery. The nation’s railroads stand ready to work alongside the new administration to meet these and other pressing national challenges – including sensible infrastructure policy – to move the country forward.”

In the lead up to today’s inauguration, the Biden administration has outlined an ambitious policy agenda and timetable to achieve progress. Several policy areas are of particular interest for the rail industry beyond economic recovery, including trade, climate change and modernizing U.S. transportation systems. The AAR recently documented its desire to work collaboratively with the new administration and how – through its privately funded, safe and efficient network – it can help make progress in these areas.


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