Railroads also work with suppliers and industry partners to constantly evolve to meet the industry’s dynamic information technology and research needs. Two of AAR’s subsidiaries are at the forefront of using technology, data and in-the-field research to improve North America’s rail network’s safety, efficiency and sustainability.

MxV Rail — formerly Transportation Technology Center, Inc. (TTCI) — is the railroad industry’s world-class rail research and testing facility that works to improve the safety and efficiency of freight railroads throughout North America and the world. MxV Rail’s team of researchers, engineers and other experts develop and test the emerging technologies that keep railroads on the cutting edge. In April 2021, TTCI announced plans for a new dedicated engineering and laboratory facility in Pueblo, Colorado. Through a new partnership with the Pueblo Economic Development Corporation (PEDCO), TTCI will enhance its role as the industry’s leading research, testing, and training partner as well as solidify the organization’s commitment to its employees and the Pueblo community.

Railinc is the leading provider of information technology, related network operations and financial services, and near real-time network data to North America’s railroads. Founded nearly 40 years ago, Railinc has built a groundbreaking computerized inventory system that logs the size, dimensions and carrying capacity of the industry’s shared fleet of railcars. With this information, railroads can decide whether a railcar can be loaded with certain commodities. They can also map out the best routes certain car types should take to transport those commodities safely. Today, Railinc collects more railroad data than ever before. As trains travel America’s nearly 140,000-mile network, they pass intelligent sensors that track the movement and health of rail cars along the way. Railinc analyzes this information to provide railroads and their customers with essential analysis to improve safety and efficiency.