Freight railroads efficiently move myriad modern-day necessities that are produced from our nation’s bountiful woodlands.

One-third of the U.S. is forested, a sprawling 766 million acres. So, it’s no surprise that forest products are essential to our everyday life and have nearly limitless uses: wood to build our homes; writing paper to facilitate our education system and packaging to get products to customers safely. Freight railroads efficiently move more than a million carloads of forest and paper products each year.

The movement of forest products like lumber has long been a bellwether for the American economy. Freight rail movements are largely dependent on the demand for the products railroads haul. Data indicates there is a strong correlation between freight rail lumber movements and housing starts, a critical indicator of economic strength. Freight rail is uniquely positioned and committed to delivering the lumber that builds the American dream.

In 2018, U.S. Class I railroads moved 1.2 million carloads of lumber and paper products.

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