February 7-9, 2023
Sheraton New Orleans, Louisiana


Email questions to Don Guillen or Mark Rusovick with the AAR Quality Assurance Committee at [email protected].

An important part of the QAC’s mission is to conduct annual training sessions for auditors to reinforce best auditing practices, improve auditors’ consistency, and improve auditors’ knowledge of the M-1003 Specification for Quality Assurance. The QAC works to enhance the conference each year based on recommendations from Committee members and prior conference attendees. Anyone interested in learning more about the AAR quality process is encouraged to attend. Further, the conference is a great opportunity to meet and network with quality professionals in the railway industry.

The first two days of the conference are open to all who attend and will include industry informational and training presentations. The third day will consist of two separate sessions. One session will include quality assurance workshops open to all, and the other session is private and must be attended by AAR Accredited Auditors for training and evaluations. The conference schedule is summarized as follows:

  • Tuesday, February 7, 2023: Industry Training Presentations (open session)
  • Wednesday, February 8, 2023: Industry Training Presentations (open session)
  • Thursday, February 9, 2023: Quality Assurance Workshops (open session) and Training/Evaluations (AAR Accredited Auditors private session)

Open-session topics are expected to include:

  • Root Cause Analysis Tools
  • M-1003 Open Question to the QAC
  • Statistical Process Control/Statistical Methods
  • Railway Supply Institute
  • Department of Transportation
  • AAR Technical Committee Updates
  • 1 Nonconformance Data & The Health of M-1003 Program
  • Featured Speakers (full agenda coming):
    • Ian Jefferies – AAR, President & CEO
    • Kari Gonzales – MxV Rail, CEO & President
    • Charles King – FRA, Dir. Ofc. of RR Infrastructure & Mechanical