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Freight Rail Industry Joins In Push for Swift Consideration of

Regulatory Reform Legislation

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Dec. 7, 2016 – The Association of American Railroads this week joined associations and chambers of commerce from across the country in a letter to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to make consideration of the "Regulatory Accountability Act" an early priority for the 115th Congress.

The letter secured 380 association signatories from 47 states and the District of Columbia, representing various sectors including agriculture, energy, manufacturing and transportation.

The letter says to Speaker Ryan, "We believe that federal regulations should be narrowly tailored, supported by strong and credible data and evidence, and impose the least burden possible, while still implementing Congressional intent." It goes on to explain, "The Regulatory Accountability Act builds on established principles of fair regulatory process and review that have been embodied in bipartisan executive orders dating to at least the Clinton administration." The full letter is available here.

Participation in the coalition effort follows recent calls from the AAR to fix America's broken regulatory system, including in an open letter to Vice President Elect Mike Pence that outlined the essentials of sound regulation.

"Regulatory improvement should be rooted in common-sense principles," said Edward R. Hamberger, president and CEO of the Association of American Railroads, "and the bipartisan efforts of the Regulatory Accountability Act would be a significant first step in reform. In addressing the regulatory system, we believe policymakers should ensure that rules are based on current and complete data and sound science; regulations are enacted only if benefits outweigh costs and agencies analyze the cumulative effects of proposed regulations; and "guidance" and "emergency orders" are limited as regulatory tools."

The "Regulatory Accountability Act" would improve the transparency of regulations by requiring agencies to invest more effort earlier in the rulemaking process to gather data, evaluate alternatives and receive public input about the costs and benefits of its rules.

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For more information contact: AAR Media Relations at or 202-639-2345.

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