WASHINGTON, D.C. – October 23, 2019 –The Association of American Railroads (AAR) today awarded CSX Transportation’s Brian Zacker the 2019 Professional Environmental Excellence Award, the industry’s highest honor for environmental professionals. The award was presented to Zacker at the 2019 Railroad Environmental Conference in Urbana, Illinois.

Brian Zacker has worked in the environmental industry for 25 years – 10 of them in the rail industry – and has successfully integrated environmental stewardship across multiple departments at CSX. As Senior Manager Environmental Field Services in Tampa, FL, he has reshaped how the railroad stages rail materials to systematically ensure that supplies are properly reused and recycled reducing costs and eliminating stormwater impacts from stray materials. He has also launched initiatives to centralize and streamline the proper management of hazardous materials and used oil. Zacker’s work has leveraged the company’s engineering teams to execute environmental work such as cleaning up third party illegal dump sites, laying track matting and restoring stormwater drainage.

Zacker serves as a member of the Environmental Crimes Unit board for a three-county area where he lends his expertise in investigations of violations of environmental law. He also is a member of the Surfrider Foundation and participates in local beach cleanups and other conservation efforts.

In addition to Zacker, five other railroad environmental professionals were nominated for the 2019 Environmental Excellence Award. The other nominees are as follows:

David Brogliatto – Canadian National Railway

Brogliatto serves as Senior Manager – Western Canada for CN Railroad where his territory includes over 10,600 track miles. Working with federal agencies, local governments and First Nations, Brogliatto led an initiative to support the marine habitat in Prince Rupert Harbour, British Columbia by repurposing retired concrete rail ties into reefs. The project has installed 20 reefs that now provide food and cover for a variety of fish species and has been recognized by the Environmental Managers Association of British Columbia. Brogliatto also led the response to the St-Lazare, Manitoba derailment where he was able to significantly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of recovery and remediation efforts.

Christopher M. Hunsicker – Norfolk Southern Corporation

For more than 26 years, Hunsicker has worked in environmental response and remediation. He currently is responsible for the environmental compliance programs for over 80 rail yards and facilities across New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania where his facilities maintain a 98.2% compliance rate. Hunsicker has also led Norfolk Southern’s emergency response drills and Facility Response Plan (FRP) efforts across their network. Additionally, he has developed the railroad’s procedures for handling, recycling and reusing rail ties for energy cogeneration.

Jim Levy – Union Pacific Railroad

As Senior Director, Environmental Site Remediation for Union Pacific Railroad out of Roseville, CA, Levy oversees site remediation including the railroad’s work at the Sacramento Rail Yard. With remediation there nearing completion, this 240-acre section of land will be the largest in-fill project in the country and represent one of the most successful brownfield remediation projects ever. Levy has also worked with UP’s Real Estate team to assess their practices prior to an agreement and ensure lessees limit contamination risks.

Edward (Eddie) Phillips – BNSF Railway

Phillips serves as Senior Manager Environmental Operations at BNSF Railway based in San Bernardino, CA. He has worked extensively to ensure compliance with California’s environmental requirements including emissions, hazardous materials, stormwater regulations. He has also successfully shaped state laws to reduce reporting requirements and costs while still protecting the environment.

Juan Telesforo Hurtado Rico – KCS De’Mexico

Rico serves as Head of Environmental Management for KCS De’Mexico out of Monterey, Mexico. In this role, he has led the charge for updating the management of environmental permits, has addressed deficiencies in the railroad’s environmental audits and has developed a continuous inspection plan to ensure environmental compliance at the company’s facilities. Recent inspections by the national environmental authorities and Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT) have found no violations at KCSM facilities.

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