Washington, D.C. — December 22, 2020 — Ian Jefferies, president and CEO of the Association of American Railroads (AAR), issued the following statement on the coronavirus relief and government funding deal passed by Congress, expected to be signed by President Donald Trump. The legislation includes several rail provisions, including permanency for the short line railroad Section 45G tax credit, continued assistance under Railroad Unemployment Insurance (RUI) and reauthorization of the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) through fiscal year 2024.

“The freight railroad industry is pleased to see Congress reach agreement on much-needed legislation and is especially grateful that lawmakers made the successful short line infrastructure tax credit permanent. This credit provides clear incentives for smaller railroads to invest in track rehabilitation – spurring more than $4 billion in new investments in short line operations the past 15 years – and has preserved crucial first and last mile rail connectivity. Cementing the credit provides certainty and will bolster investment in the roughly 600 U.S. short line railroads – a positive first step for policymakers keen on improving U.S. infrastructure and achieving various policy goals through rail transportation.”


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