Freight Rail & Positive Train Control

Class I freight railroads are committed to safely implementing Positive Train Control (PTC) as quickly as feasible.

By the end of 2018, each Class I railroad will meet statutory requirements by having implemented PTC or initiated revenue service demonstration on at least 51% of its required PTC route-miles or subdivisions; having 100% of PTC-related hardware installed; having all required spectrum in place; and having all required employee training completed. In aggregate, Class I railroads expect to have nearly 80% of required PTC route-miles operational by the end of 2018. Several Class I railroads expect to be operating trains in PTC mode on all their PTC routes by the end of 2018, and all will be fully operating their own trains in PTC mode on all their PTC routes no later than 2020, as required by statute.

In the meantime, Class I railroads will continue to test and validate their systems thoroughly to ensure that they work as they should. Every day, as railroads finalize their PTC installation and expand PTC operations, additional accident avoidance becomes possible.

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