2017 American Society of Civil Engineers Report Card

When it comes to the quality of America’s infrastructure, railroads have moved to the top of the class. The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) awarded America’s rail network the highest grade in 2017, a B.

The high marks for America’s privately funded freight rail system stand in stark contrast to taxpayer-funded transportation infrastructure. Bridges, ports and roads, for example, continue to age and suffer from overuse. Reflecting their poor condition, ASCE respectively gave these systems grades of “C+” “C+” and “D.”

By spending billions of dollars to sustain, modernize and grow the freight rail network, U.S. freight railroads are easing the burden on these transportation systems — and the taxpayers who support them. In fact, since 1980, freight railroads — not taxpayers — have spent more than $660 billion to build the safe and cost-effective network that exists today.

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