Date: 7/11/2018

In a new commentary, AAR CEO Ed Hamberger teams up with Cal Dooley and Jack Gerard, CEOs of the American Chemistry Council and American Petroleum Institute.

The leaders of three of the nation’s most vital industry organizations which are sometimes at odds on various federal policies come together to rebuke trade policy emerging from Washington that hinders global commerce.

“America’s energy, manufacturing and transportation industries are prime examples of the collateral damage threatened by Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs,” the trio says.

“These materials are critical to every aspect of our operations: building equipment and infrastructure to produce, refine and transport natural gas and oil; manufacturing parts and machines that produce everything from household plastics and automotive parts to waxes and chemicals that touch the daily lives of every household and business; and filling the freight rail cars that serve as a nationwide steel delivery network. In many cases, the specialty steel and aluminum components our industries need are simply not produced in the United States.”

“Our industries generate growth and savings that directly benefit U.S. households and small businesses. Fortified by free trade and fueled by the American energy revolution, these sectors support millions of jobs in the U.S. and across an array of industries. Tariffs put those benefits at risk.”