Technology fuels America’s freight railroads, making a modern network that meets the transportation challenges of today and tomorrow.

Thanks to steady spending on infrastructure, equipment and technology — $100 billion over the last four years alone — America’s freight railroads move more freight more efficiently, safely and cleanly than ever before.

What does this technology look like?

Integrated teams of data scientists, software developers and engineers developing and applying technology across every aspect of the freight rail network. Trains powered by 200-ton locomotives equipped with supercomputers that process billions of data points every second to maximize operational and fuel efficiency. Smart sensors that constantly monitor the health of rail infrastructure and equipment, collecting vast amounts of data that yield actionable insights to increase safety and efficiency.

To show rail technology in action, railroads headed to Capitol Hill May 15th, 2018 for the first-ever RailxTech event.

More than 320 attendees had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get hands-on with the freight rail innovations leading our economy forward. From virtual reality to simulators and one-on-one conversations with the people delivering the future of freight rail, RailxTech showed how we put technology to work every day.

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