May 8, 2020

For many, home is where the heart is.

Today, it’s where the classroom, gym, office, movie theater and restaurant are.

As millions of Americans stay in to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, our homes are now the hub of everyday life. Whether it’s peanut butter for your child’s hundredth PB&J, a comfier chair for your makeshift office or more disinfectant wipes, here are just six ways freight railroads help you stay safe — and sane — at home.


1. Keeping You & Your Home Clean

You may not think of trains as you quietly sing “Happy Birthday” while washing your hands — or as you do the laundry — but they play a major role in keeping you and your home germ-free. Railroads move the chemicals essential for cleaning supplies like hand soap, disinfectant wipes, bottles of bleach and laundry detergent, as well as for clean drinking water.

2. Stocking Cabinets

Whether you’re braving a new YouTube recipe or trying your hand at homemade bread, railroads have you covered. Just one rail car moves enough wheat for 258,000 loaves of bread, enough corn for 480,000 bags of Fritos or enough barley for 94,000 gallons of beer. From oatmeal to canned fruit and rice, railroads help keep you and your family fed for the long haul.

3. Feeding Fido

Our furry friends bring much needed love during these tough times. Not only do railroads deliver the food we eat, in recent years they have also moved an average of 835,000 tons of pet food annually. In fact, as pet adoption rates are now on the rise, railroads are also increasing how much pet food they move.

4. Powering Work, School…& That 5th Episode

Whether it’s a video business call, an online classroom or that nightly binge of streaming content, railroads help keep us connected by moving the energy products that create electricity for American homes.

5. Packaging Your Packages

Do you get a little jolt of excitement when the doorbell rings to alert you of a new package? The ding-dong at your house and the distant whistle of a freight train go hand-in-hand. One railcar carries enough pulpboard to create 131,000 boxes, which help package your online shipments.

6. Delivering It All

And what’s in those packages? Everything from essential medication to clothing, toys and toilet paper. These deliveries are all made possible by freight railroads, who together with trucks and maritime shippers, annually carry nearly 61 tons of freight per American.

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