In a recent interview with the Ross Kaminsky Show, Lisa Stabler, President of the Transportation Technology Center Inc., highlights the cutting-edge technologies that make rail transportation safer and more efficient.

“Although the locomotives that you see today may look like they did 30, 40 or even 50 years ago, the technology that ’s in them is very advanced and extensive,” Stabler says. “There is a lot of computerization and technology that allows for the efficient management of fuel and real-time sharing of information about the condition of a train.”

“There are a number of devices on a locomotive that allows for real-time monitoring of how the locomotive is functioning, all kinds of wayside detectors that allow us to understand how the freight cars are operating and whether or not they need any repairs, in addition, we inspect track and track structures using ultrasonic techniques and lasers for track geometry. The railroad industry is also investing heavily in the use of drones for infrastructure inspections, especially bridges”

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