Date: 6/10/2018

The Association of American Railroads on June 8, 2018 sent mayors across the U.S. a high-level letter affirming their commitment to the local communities the industry affects.

“A significant portion of the industry’s operations are regulated by the federal government, but our impact is felt strongly in towns and cities across the country,” said Ed Hamberger, AAR President and CEO. “While the industry will never stop in its pursuit to make our safe industry even safer, we are proud that our continued private investments help efficiently move goods throughout the U.S., serve myriad businesses that help support local economies and increasingly allow the industry to test and deploy innovative solutions.”

He continued by saying that he felt it was important to extend the dialogue the AAR has been having in Washington to local policymakers “to supplement the tireless work our members do every day in working with not just mayors, but their residents, businesses and safety officials.”

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