July 12, 2021

Last week, the Biden administration announced an executive order that included a misguided direction to interfere with functioning freight markets that could ultimately undermine railroads’ ability to reliably serve customers. In part, the executive order called on the independent Surface Transportation Board (STB) to consider a forced switching rule (also known as forced access) and other ill-considered policy changes.

Competition is alive and well in the rapidly changing freight transportation market, with nearly three quarters of all U.S. freight shipments moving by a mode of transportation besides rail,” said AAR CEO Ian Jefferies in a press release. “With the logistics chain already challenged by the recovery from COVID, this executive order throws an unnecessary wrench into freight rail’s critical role in providing the service that American families and businesses rely on every day.”

Watch the two minute snippet from Jefferies’ interview with Yahoo! Finance below to see why “any STB action mandating forced switching would put railroads at a severe disadvantage to freight transportation providers that depend upon tax-payer funded infrastructure.”