Although you probably don’t think much about how things you use every day, America’s railroads do.

It’s their job to keep up with the rising global demand for goods, delivering them safely, on time and affordably. Did you know the industry also delivers improvements for your everyday life?

1. Extreme MPG

Can you believe that any mode of ground transportation can move one ton 479 miles per gallon of fuel? According to preliminary AAR data, railroads can. Mileage like that cuts harmful greenhouse gas emissions, letting us all breathe a little easier.

2. Energy Savings

That $2.50 you pay for each gallon of gas? Say thank you to trains. By efficiently delivering the energy sources that power America, such as coal, natural gas and crude oil, freight rail helps keep prices low so we can heat our homes, power our electronics and drive our cars.

3. Hiring America’s Vets

Smack in the middle of an economic recovery comes a booming global freight business, and yes, America’s railroads are hiring. In fact, they’ve added tens of thousands of jobs, and one out of every four of those new hires is a veteran.

4. Fast Foods

Special refrigerated cold cars, whose meticulously calibrated temperatures are dictated by the delicate produce they haul, deliver the nation’s food to our tables. Fine wines made from Oregon grapes, crisp apples from New York orchards, Wisconsin’s famous cheddar cheese and Coho salmon from the chilly waters of Washington State — rail moves all of them swiftly to us, fresh and affordable.

5. Saving Your Cash

Think the federal government underwrites improvements to railroads? Think again. Railroads are responsible for building and maintaining their own equipment and nationwide infrastructure, so their annual private reinvestments cost the American taxpayer nothing. In fact, railroads have invested record amounts in the last five years, spending more than $660 billion between 1980 and 2016.