Experts Weigh in on Governing Technology in Transportation

The transportation sector is on the verge of the biggest transformation many of us will see in our lifetimes.

To ensure continued U.S. global competitiveness, a policy framework that encourages the development and deployment of technology to further enhance safety

Prioritizing Safety Means Prioritizing Workforce for Rail Industry

Photos courtesy of Union Pacific

The rail industry is delivering something more than freight: It’s delivering on its commitment to safety.

Safety is more than just a virtue of the rail industry — it serves as the foundation for all

AskRail App: Arming First Responders with Critical Rail Information

Former Charlottesville Fire Chief Charles Werner spent decades fighting fires in his community. Today, Werner uses that experience to assist thousands of firefighters and emergency responders across America in the event of a rail incident.

AskRail, a mobile application

The Wall Street Journal: Artificial Intelligence Yields Benefits for Rail Operators

In a story from The Wall Street Journal, reporter Jared Council writes that American freight railroads are increasingly deploying artificial intelligence (AI) to further improve the safety and efficiency of the nation’s rail network.

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Freight Railroad Industry FAST Act Reauthorization Priorities

Fueled by billions of dollars in private spending on infrastructure and equipment — averaging $25 billion annually — the freight railroad industry’s top priority in FAST Act reauthorization legislation is to preserve its ability to serve its customers and compete

Resilient Rail: How Freight Railroads Prepare For & Respond to Extreme Water


With recent record setting years of rainfall and intensifying storms, railroads pair advanced technology with proven strategic protocols to protect employees, ensure network safety and keep customers — and the economy — moving.

Freight railroads

Why Freight Rail’s Future Tracks with America’s Future

By: Ian Jefferies, AAR President & CEO

A single golden spike driven into the ground at Promontory Point, Utah, 150 years ago this spring in many ways represented the vision of America at the time.

A vast country

Cost-benefit Analysis: A Data-driven Tool that Helps the STB Regulate Wisely

In March 2019, AAR petitioned the Surface Transportation Board (STB) — the adjudicatory and regulatory panel that oversees railroad economic dealings — to incorporate cost-benefit analysis into rulemaking proceedings. On July 10, the STB deferred action on the petition, choosing

Why the USMCA is Critical for Freight Railroads & Their Customers

From the car you drive to the food you eat, domestic and international trade helps make American life possible.

This trade, which happens across North America, depends on manufacturing and services, transporting goods to market and then selling them via

Freight Rail Pays For Its Own Safe, Efficient Network

By: Adrian Arnakis, AAR SVP of Government Affairs

Potholes grow bigger every day. Bumper-to-bumper traffic and honking horns reflect a sea of frustration. The most routine weather events can result in road closures.

Study after study shows traffic