Automating Rail Inspection Technology

Date: 5/22/2018

The Washington Examiner recently covered the Association of American Railroads filing with the Federal Railroad Administration and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration calling for the increase of automated operations and autonomous trains in the rail

Railroad Deregulation Good for Colorado

Date: 6/20/2018

In a guest column for the Colorado Springs Gazette, Raymond J. Keating, Chief Economist for the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council, discusses why the deregulation of railroads has had such a positive effect on Colorado and the

Freight Rail Industry Affirms Commitment to Local Communities

Date: 6/10/2018

The Association of American Railroads on June 8, 2018 sent mayors across the U.S. a high-level letter affirming their commitment to the local communities the industry affects.

“A significant portion of the industry’s operations are regulated by

In Texas, Freight Rail is a Model for Infrastructure Investment

Date: 6/20/2018

Carlton Schwab, President and CEO of the Texas Economic Development Council, recently highlighted the state’s strong rail infrastructure — and the private investment that make it possible — in an op-ed for the Fort Worth Star Telegram.

First Responders Get Unique Training Opportunity at International Hazardous Materials Response Teams Conference

At the 2018 International Hazardous Materials Response Teams Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, first responders participated in hands-on rail hazmat safety sessions and learned about existing railroad safety tools available to them.

Freight railroads deliver 99.99% of their hazmat shipments safely;

Hamberger: Federal Appropriators Must Reject Longer Trucks

In a recent Hill op-ed, AAR CEO Ed Hamberger urges federal appropriators to reject a proposal to increase truck sizes.

A recent study conducted by the U.S. Department of Transportation revealed that “many of the heaviest trucks pay considerably less

New Freight Rail Technology Helps Protect Oregon

In a piece from Clackamas Review, Fire Captain Michael Carlsen shares his support and advocacy for the app AskRail, which helps keep first responders and local communities safe.

“AskRail, a mobile app developed by the Association of American Railroads and

Paper & Pulp: An Everyday Essential at Work & Home

Key Takeaways: 

  • Railroads haul paper and pulp products, which are turned into popular solutions to life’s daily challenges such as construction paper, napkins, grocery paper bags and wallboard.
  • In 2016, U.S. Class I railroads terminated more than 808,000carloads of paper

6 Ways Freight Rail Gets Techie

The nation’s railroads put technology to work every day.

Here are just six innovations railroads have developed and deployed to maximize the safety and efficiency of the 140,000-mile rail network.

1. Track geometry cars measure every inch of track.


International Trade Raises Washington State’s Prosperity

In a recent Seattle Times op-ed, AAR CEO and President Ed Hamberger provides a unique freight rail perspective as discussions for renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) continue.

“Perhaps no region is more versed in this weighty discussion