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Faces of Freight Rail


Jackie Litzinger

Coordinating security efforts with the public and local communities


Jackie Litzinger

Chief of Police
Jacksonville, FL  
16 years in the industry

As the middle child of five growing up in Baltimore, Jackie Litzinger wanted to do one of two things: pilot airplanes or work in law enforcement. She accomplished both. This past May, after thirty years of police experience both in the public and private sector, Jackie was appointed Chief of Police for CSX, in charge of special agents spread across 23 states. As the first female police chief of any freight railroad in North America, she's proof positive that a young girl's dreams can and do come true. “It was a goal of mine,” says Litzinger, who's been with CSX for 16 years, “something to strive for.”

Several specialized units—a canine unit; the CSX Rapid Response Team; cargo theft unit and the environmental crimes unit—augment the police department's daily security efforts, ensuring the safety of cargo carried, CSX workers, the public and the communities through which they travel. “CSX takes every opportunity to get involved with our communities,” Litzinger says. “It's part of our mission to protect not only employees, the infrastructure and the property but also the communities through which we travel. Safety is embedded into our culture; it's something none of us take lightly.”

The daughter of a firefighter, Litzinger is particularly proud of the fact that in 2009, after strict review of the agency’s policies and practices by an independent commission, her department became the first freight railroad police department to secure national law enforcement accreditation.

Today Chief Litzinger is focusing on uniting CSX’s large, multi-state police force to feel and function as one cohesive team and to increase gender and racial diversity. No big fuss was made of her recent promotion; she wouldn't have wanted one. “To me it's just part of an ongoing quest to strive to be the best that I can be,” she says. “I'm looking forward to bringing the department forward.”



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